Prestigios memories


I consider this service essential and very useful for build a good relationship with YOU from the beginning. It is a good opportunity to eat, talk and get to know each other better while we create some spontaneous and unforgettable memories.

Without ever requiring fake costructed poses , YOU and your PATNER will have the opportunity  to break the ice and to familarize yourself with my lens, no rush, no panic.

Usually the service is taking place in a couple of hours, or half day, depending on the availability of the couple; this way is  a opportunity to have a drink together or have dinner in some local restaurant, where i can “steal” the last emotional shot!


This service in proving remarkably successful. It is special, ORIGINAL and it is caracterised by strong EMOTIONAL connection; This “engagement” is distinquisted in that the patner, secretely, makes the MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.

I shall ensure to grasp, delicately and non-invasive, the strong emotions, the tears of joy in your eyes and the surprised faces. A unique and exclusive way yo have a sweet memories of this magic moment!

wedding dress choice

I call it a “service created by me”, maybe some other photographer offers it, but unfortunately it really is not widespread and little known.

I decided to offer it because I firmly believe that this is a very delicate and important moment of the marriage preparations. Unfortunately, these emotions are often understimate .

The choice of wedding dress in no small thing, actually…so why don’t tell this mix of tension and joy with my shots?

The purpose of this is aimed at capturing the emotions that developed when parents, friends, bridesmaids and witnesses, invited for this occasion, they see you wearing your wedding dress for the  first time, partecipating excited to this important choice.

For a chic wedding, it is definitely a good place to start!


And here we are to icing on the cake, a very special and intimate reportage  because it is done to capture forever the first days of marriage.

Elopment in the term used to define a out of town wedding or abroad, a true romantic getawey that, in your case, may be on the occasion of your honeymoon or  during a smal trip designed specifically to relive the exciment of your big day, in a special place for YOU.

If you’re planning to build your own “elopment” to marry in a magical place, will not miss this exclusive photo shoot.

It will be an opportunity to tell your story and keeping alive the memories of a unique, intimate and special journey.

family portrait

More and more frequently happens that the bride and groom are Mom and Dad, in this case most people appreciate a personal service aimed at emotional family reportage, in which are exalted the “moments of everyday life”, which they are considered more and more for granted, but actually they rapresent unique moments of raising children and the family.

Given my stily, I will non conceal that usually I  perform this service to the couple’s home or in a place at your pleasure, not in a studio.

I don’t like to re-create a fake moments, but i love living a simple family walk in the park or the preparation of dinner in which your children will pull the skirt asking to play or while you hold them in your arms!


A dedicated service to expectant mothers, through which i tell all emotions that offer pregnancy, how those a small little gestures turned to belly, looks, smile, unique expressions dictated by mix of anxiety and happines   that only this special moment can give.

It is undoubtedly the uinque moment, worth to be told by natural and spontaneous shots, through which I describe, in my own way, the intimacy of this special relationship!

It can be done in unique sweet moment, or aimed to tell you step by step the growth of the belly; definitely a sweet moment to live during maternity!