My name is Michele Olivato, class of 1989.

I am a professional photographer specialized in Emotional Wedding Reportage, I live  with my wife Martina in Verona, but I work all over the world.

I am a romantic, dynamic, fair, direct, specific, simple person but who likes to aim high and to dream.
I love elegance and sophistication.

I rediscovered photography, my passion since childhood, in 2010. At that time by chance,I got the opportunity to get in touch with a great photographer of the past, thanks to whom I started to shoot again.

I started to look around, taking picture of  whatever inspired me, noticing a strong research  not only of beauty but above all, of emotions; I wanted speaking photos, aiming to convey feelings and to “give” something magical.

Since then, I dedicated myself to emotional photography, specializing in wedding reportage and “Family Stories”.

Today my services reflect my path, my personality, my point of view; in EVERY story, so much of myself is impressed, I snap in total nature to capture “Moments of Life”.

I specalize in wedding reportage because I fell it MINE. Through the lens at your excited face, your eyes, your fears and your smile. I GET MOTIVED, EMOTIONAL, I MELT…

I have only one objective: to merge beauty and emotions to create small masterpieces.

My purpose is to provide you an exclusive service, with original shots that hit the heart, not only the eyes, so as to leave special and unforgettable memories, to you, your family and friends!

For a real photographer, a story is not an address to go with the sophisticated machinery and suitable filters.

A story means to read, to study, to get prepared.  Shooting means trying searching in things what one learned with your mind. The big picture in the image of an idea.

Tiziano Terzani