My name is Michele Olivato,  professional wedding photographer
based in Verona, Italy, but i work throughout  Italy and also abroad.

My photography style is built upon elegance and refinement
it aims to tell YOUR emotions through unique shots
which will be exclusive memories for YOU, characterized by spontaneity and sensitivity.

My goal is to providing to you an exclusive photoshoot,
original shots that get to the heart and not just to your eyes.

Memories able to conquer you over time
with the purpose of creating not just beautiful pictures but real “artwork”.

Memories that will live with YOU
and will steal a tear of joy or a smile
when you will show it to your family and friends just after the wedding,
or, after several years, when you will share them with your children…

My goal is NOT to be the best wedding photographer in Verona
…My goal i
s to be the perfect wedding photographer for YOU!

YOU call me, I’ll follow you all over the word

to tell YOUR emotions with my shoots!

I ask  YOU only one thing:


enjoy YOUR day

I’ll take care of everything else.